Artistic Nails & Spa

Welcome to Artistic Nails & Spa

Our mission at Artistic Nails & Spa is to become a non-toxic salon. To achieve this goal, we no longer offer acrylics or dip nails. We now offer toxic free products and services that provides a healthy environment. Our specialties include gel manicures & pedicures on the natural nails, using a uniquely created protection layer of polish for long lasting results! Our technicians use a specialized technique to safely remove polish rather than soaking in acetone. SANITATION We welcome your questions and will address your concerns concisely and openly, with your safety in mind. Each client will receive a single use kit including file, buffer and pumice to make your manicure and pedicure safe and clean. • We sanitize and disinfect all reusable manicuring tools in accordance with state regulations and industry “best practices”. • We have cleaning protocols, required by the state and recommended by the product manufacturer. We have safety procedures that are done after every client, at the end of every day, and once a week. • We clean our hands prior to each service and ask you to do the same. • We use clean towels for each client. • We choose not use Acrylic and Acetone in our salon to prevent expose to odors and vapors. PROFESSIONALISM We take pride in our professionalism • Our licenses are up-to-date and displayed. • We will evaluate the health of your nails before your service and refer you to a physician if indicated. Be sure to let us know if you have any health conditions like diabetes, open cuts, skin irritations… that may affect your service. • We will make recommendations for at-home maintenance of your nails. We encourage you to understand your own role in keeping your nails in healthy and attractive condition. ? POLICY • We try our best to exceed your expectations, however mistakes happen. Please let us know prior to leaving the salon • Please turn off your phone while you’re in our spa to ensure the comfort of other guests ** CANCELLATION OR RESCHEDULING** Your appointments and convenience are of high importance to us. We realize that at times unexpected circumstances may require schedule adjustments. If you need to cancel an appointment, we respectfully require that you provide at least 24-hour notice. Our Policy: A cancellation or request to reschedule made the day of appointment will invoke a cancellation fee. The amount charged will be equal to 50% of the booked services. Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we cannot guarantee that we will provide the service. If we cannot accommodate you, the same cancellation fee will be charged. We will try our best to reschedule your appointment for another time that suits you. A credit card is required to make an appointment. Cancellation fees will be charged to the card you provide. • Please reschedule your appointment if you’re 15 minutes or more behind as we’re trying to ensure enough time for your service. • We’re not responsible for lost or misplaced items